Express Debt Management

Services We offer to our clients

Debt Reduction Program (DRP) consists of all the following services which will be delivered to our valued clients:

Services 01

Debt Counseling

Our experts will conduct an initial face to face meeting to analyze the current financial situation of clients. An in-depth analysis will be performed to identify and resolve the debt burden. Our clients will be presented with a clear image of all possible options in an attempt to reduce debt burden.

Services 02

Debt Settlement

Settlement will be initiated after identifying and determining entire financial burden. Express Debt Management will negotiate with creditors for a full and final settlement on behalf of their clients. Our expert negotiation skills and network can help save our clients a significant amount.

Services 03

Debt Restructuring

Based on total debt burden and capacity of re-payment, our clients will be provided with an action plan to restructure their entire debt. This may include settlement of credit cards, converting high interest rate loans into a lower interest rate, reduction of outstanding balance, lower monthly payments and resolve delinquency.

Services 04

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is an assessment of total outstanding balance taking into consideration the entire debt burden including all personal loans and credit cards. A detailed long term strategy will be built for our clients to consolidate all their debts into one single payment with the lowest interest rate possible.

Services 05

Credit Cards

This service takes into consideration all credit cards of our clients and provides them with a strategy and an action plan to be implemented towards each credit card simultaneously. This brings our valued clients to an ease as they would know exactly how to manage their credit cards with lowest possible monthly payment.

Services 06

Personal Loans

This service takes into consideration all the personal loans of our clients such as Salary Transfer Loan, Business Loan, PDC Loan, Auto Loan and Smart Loan. This will guide our clients on which financial products are most suitable based on their current financial situation. In addition, our clients will also be counseled on effective ways to manage their loan payments.

Services 07

Business Loans

This service assists business owners and guides them towards making a decision for financial products available in the market. This service also analyzes and builds a strategy for business owners who are currently struggling to re-pay their debts.